Frequently Asked Questions

Acai (pronounced as ‘ah-sigh-EE’) is a deep purple fruit originated in palm trees of Brazil which looks like blueberries and dark chocolate. Though looks like blueberries, but the edible portion of the fruit is just the thin outer layer of the fruit over the pit which is about 20% of the fruit itself. Acai earns the title of ‘superfood’ with its powerful combination of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, proteins, calcium and iron. What makes this each little acai berries so amazing is that it helps lower blood pressure, boost immune system and brain function, even protect chronic illness and cancer. It also delays the signs of ageing!
All our products are vegan except for granola (contains honey), drizzle honey and waffles (contains eggs, butter and dairy milk). All our smoothies are vegetarians as we do not use meat products in our ingredients for our smoothies. However, if you wish to have a vegan smoothie, we do have vegan-friendly options in our rainbow smoothies.
All our products are dairy free except waffles (contains butter and dairy milk) and a selection of vegetarian smoothies.
All our products are gluten free except waffles, cookie butter drizzle, granola and vegan ice cream (which contain oat milk) and a certain selection of vegetarian smoothies (which contain rolled oats).
We are not independently Halal certified. However, all our products do not contain pork or lard ingredients.
We used plant based milk (almond/oat/coconut milk) or coconut water, depending on the recipe of each smoothie.
We have various choices of drizzle used for Acai. We have : Peaconut butter, Cookie butter, Almond butter, honey and Chocolate Syrup. All our drizzles are organic except for cookie butter, almond butter and chocolate syrup which is vegan.
Yes, all ingredients used are 100% all vegan. Sorbets are 100 % gluten free except for sherbets and gelato which contain oat milk are not gluten free. (gluten comes from oat). The fat content for all flavours of our products is 8% or less as compared to regular commercial ice-cream.
Our smoothies and Acai’s bowl are best consumed fresh. In order to enjoy the maximum freshness, nutrition and taste of the products, to consume after purchase. However if you are unable to consume immediately, we suggest to store inside a freezer compartment of your fridge.
For Acai, if you would like to store it overnight, please inform us to pack the toppings separately. However, we will strongly recommend eating it fresh. For smoothies, we will not advise to keep it overnight. Drink it fresh.
Please inform our staff upon ordering if you do have food allergies or dietary restrictions, we will do our best to accomodate to your request. Alternatively, you may want to opt for a DIY bowl where you are able to choose the fruits and toppings of your choice. Do note that though we take precautions in minimising the risk of cross contamination, we cannot guarantee that all our products are safe to consume for people who have specific allergies.
Our smoothies are blended with natural fruits and there is no artificial colouring . The colours of the smoothies will tend to change slightly of its colour. This is due to leaving the smoothie out for too long and it started to oxidize.
You can come down to our cafe to make a purchase. Alternatively, you can also place your order via GrabFood/Food Panda/Deliveroo for delivery/self collection. You may also whatsapp us @87987597 for self-pickup